Therese Hilbert

Switzerland-Germany, b. 1948

Therese Hilbert is a Swiss-born artist working and living in Munich. Her career began as a jewellery student in Switzerland, later studying at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, Munich, under the renowned goldsmith Hermann Jünger. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected since 1973. Therese’s strong artistic vision and flawless technical skill has seen her become one of the most respected contemporary jewellers working today.


Brooch, 2016, blackened silver, lacquer

More work by Therese Hilbert

Sphere rings by Therese Hilbert Sphere rings, 2016, silver, lacquer
Brooch by Therese Hilbert Brooch, 2013/2016, silver, lacquer
Pendant by Therese Hilbert Pendant, 2016, silver, obsidian
Landscape I brooch by Therese Hilbert Landscape I brooch, 2016, MDF, steel
Brooch by Therese Hilbert Brooch, 2009, blackened silver, varnish
Brooch by Therese Hilbert Brooch, 2009, blackened silver, obsidian
Brooch by Therese Hilbert Brooch, 2014, blackened silver, lacquer
Sphere pendant by Therese Hilbert Sphere pendant, 2009, blackened silver


Leonids and Fumerols

October 5 to 30, 2010

You stand upon the earth; formed of the same stuff, rooted to your source by the forces that wed your weight with its. Yet look up to the sky: there too, your matter is spangled and scattered.

Evil & I

October 11 - November 12, 2016

Otto Künzli and Therese Hilbert return to Melbourne after six years, for an exhibition of new works, including the first pieces in important new series.