Warwick Freeman

New Zealand , b. 1953

Warwick Freeman’s work has played an elemental part in the cultivation and recognition of New Zealand contemporary jewellery. Through the use of materials collected from his immediate and wider natural environment, Freeman creates work that explores themes of national identity and place.  A predominantly self taught craftsman, Freeman was introduced to jewellery making by Peter Woods in Perth, Australia in 1972 and returned to New Zealand to set up his own workshop.  In the 1980s he was partner in Auckland’s jewellery cooperative, Fingers.  Freeman was part of the seminal Bone Stone Shell exhibition in 1988 and has since gone on to exhibit internationally.  His work is in the permanent collections of the NGA Canberra, Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, among many others.

Handles, 2009, various stones

More work by Warwick Freeman

Handles by Warwick Freeman Handles, 2009, various stones
Lava brooch by Warwick Freeman Lava brooch, 2005, scoria, blackened silver
Counters earrings by Warwick Freeman Counters earrings, 2001, pearl shell, silver
Ball ring by Warwick Freeman Ball ring, ongoing edition, various stones, blackened silver
Brain brooch by Warwick Freeman Brain brooch, 2001, pearl shell, silver
Group of works by Warwick Freeman Group of works, from 2009, various materials
Hook by Warwick Freeman Hook, 2009, alluvial gold
Pocket mirror by Warwick Freeman Pocket mirror, 1999, silver, obsidian
Box by Warwick Freeman Box, 2009, jet
Kiwi footprint by Warwick Freeman Kiwi footprint, 2006, argillite, jasper
Black and blue poles by Warwick Freeman Black and blue poles, 2012, lapis, argillite, silver
Big wire hook by Warwick Freeman Big wire hook, 2009, blackened silver
Bar brooches by Warwick Freeman Bar brooches, 2009, various stones, blackened silver
Apron hook by Warwick Freeman Apron hook, 2009, gold
Alphabet rings by Warwick Freeman Alphabet rings, 2009, blackened silver


Making Dust

May 1 to 26, 2012

Warwick Freeman’s latest exhibition explores form, material and the quiet profundity of the everyday object.


October 6 - 31, 2015

Gallery Funaki celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exhibition by some of our longest-standing artists.


August 18 - September 12, 2015

Warwick Freeman’s 10th solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki, showing as part of Melbourne’s first Radiant Pavilion event.