Lucy Sarneel

The Netherlands , b.1961

Graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam in 1989, Lucy has exhibited in major international solo and group exhibitions since 1991. She has also worked as a teacher and mentor, delivering lectures and workshops internationally since 2002. Private Territory in Public, a significant retrospective, was exhibited at CODA Museum, Amsterdam, in 2016.


Lucy is the recipient of numerous awards and her work is held in major public collections including the Cooper Hewitt Museum, NY, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.



“My work arises from the field of tension between the inspiring past and the present, and is created by traditions and spiritual, symbolic values. A jewel is a soul mate, a solitary individual with an existence of its own. Jewellery is not for something; it is for and of someone. For some time, I have been working towards the idea of a jewel to be considered as a power-object and patron, as a counterpart to the high-tech, time-efficient, money-ruled world we live in. I consider a jewel as an object with a high concentration of focus and energy: ‘slow art’ in a ‘fast world.’


The ‘carrying material’ of my work is zinc and it represents a variety of things: the blue-grey sky and sea; the subconscious, dreaming away in the distance; the reassuring domestic world of rain pipes, buckets and washtubs; architectural ‘jewels’ like the little towers and dormer windows in old European cities; and the protective quality of preventing steel from rusting. Sometimes the materials are autonomous things, like for instance the wooden peanut bowls in the Starry Sky Limousine Drive necklace.” Lucy Sarneel

Juggler's Moment #8, 2017, zinc, wood, tinfoil, glitter paper, acrylic paint, varnish, fabric

More work by Lucy Sarneel

From the cradle to the grave brooches by Lucy Sarneel From the cradle to the grave brooches , 2019, zinc, paint, varnish ,
Persona I brooch by Lucy Sarneel Persona I brooch , 2012, zinc, acrylic paint, wood ,
Medaillon pendants/frames by Lucy Sarneel Medaillon pendants/frames , 2016, zinc, paint, cord ,
Sprout pins by Lucy Sarneel Sprout pins , ongoing edition , zinc, silver ,
Necklace by Lucy Sarneel Necklace , 2014, zinc, vintage glass beads, plastic, bamboo, paint ,
Like a Butterfly brooch by Lucy Sarneel Like a Butterfly brooch , 2013, zinc, paint ,
Brooches by Lucy Sarneel Brooches , 2013, zinc, paint, silver ,
Jungle Rumours  by Lucy Sarneel Jungle Rumours , 2014, bamboo, thread, zinc, silver ,
Joie de Vivre III by Lucy Sarneel Joie de Vivre III , 2009, zinc, paint, silver ,
Playtime by Lucy Sarneel Playtime , 2014, nylon raffia, zinc, artificial ivory, plastic ,
Juggler's Moment #3 by Lucy Sarneel Juggler's Moment #3 , 2014, zinc, plastic, acrylic paint, varnish, wood clay, polyester ribbon ,
Juggler's Moment #8 by Lucy Sarneel Juggler's Moment #8 , 2017, zinc, wood, tinfoil, glitter paper, acrylic paint, varnish, fabric ,
Belt bunch (pendant/belt object) by Lucy Sarneel Belt bunch (pendant/belt object) , 2015, zinc, calebashes (gourds), acrylic paint, varnish, bamboo, polyester ,
Shield by Lucy Sarneel Shield , 2014, zinc, plastic foil, acrylic paint, varnish, leather ,
Jewel #15 brooch by Lucy Sarneel Jewel #15 brooch , 2018, zinc ,
Feasty beast by Lucy Sarneel Feasty beast , 2019, zinc, leather ,
Cradle necklace by Lucy Sarneel Cradle necklace , 2017, zinc, paint, bamboo, varnish ,
Good vibrations brooch by Lucy Sarneel Good vibrations brooch , 2018, zinc, acrylic paint, varnish, plastic ,
Flower. brooch by Lucy Sarneel Flower. brooch , 2019, zinc, paint, varnish ,
Hang on #2 necklace by Lucy Sarneel Hang on #2 necklace , 2018, zinc, plastic, nylon thread ,


2 minds, 4 hands

February 11 to March 8, 2014

Two renowned Dutch jewellers present an exhibition of their recent work. Manon van Kouswijk, who currently lives and works in Melbourne, explores fragmentary forms in porcelain.


October 6 - 31, 2015

Gallery Funaki celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exhibition by some of our longest-standing artists.

Hang on to a dream

2 September - 5 October, 2019

Hang On To A Dream is an intimate exhibition drawing on the rich inspiration Lucy Sarneel finds in history, play and the small magic of every day.