October 6 - 31, 2015

In 1995, Mari Funaki opened a small space in Melbourne's CBD to showcase a carefully curated selection of the best contemporary jewellery from around the world. Twenty years on, Gallery Funaki has established a worldwide reputation for excellence in the field. 20/20 is a celebration of this milestone in the life of the gallery as 10 international and 10 Australian artists present significant pieces.

Download a catalogue using the link below.

20/20 catalogue

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Work from 20/20

David Bielander, Wellpappe by 20/20 David Bielander, Wellpappe, 2015, patinated silver, white gold
Simon Cottrell, Layered Clump Leg by 20/20 Simon Cottrell, Layered Clump Leg, 2013, monel, stainless steel, mirrored synthetic polymer resin
Manon van Kouswijk, Reverse by 20/20 Manon van Kouswijk, Reverse, 2015, porcelain, pigment, steel cable
Warwick Freeman, Zero brooch by 20/20 Warwick Freeman, Zero brooch, 1995, obsidian, silver, paint
Julie Blyfield, Grass Seed necklace by 20/20 Julie Blyfield, Grass Seed necklace, 2015, blackened silver, gold plated silver
Kiko Gianocca, Turning Into by 20/20 Kiko Gianocca, Turning Into, 2015, Aluminium, blackened silver plated
Paul Derrez, Dot brooches by 20/20 Paul Derrez, Dot brooches, 2014, acrylic, steel
Marian Hosking, Shimmer vessel & brooch by 20/20 Marian Hosking, Shimmer vessel & brooch, 2015, blackened silver, stainless steel
Otto Künzli, I made it - you name it by 20/20 Otto Künzli, I made it - you name it, 2015, meerschaum (sepiolite), gold
Lisa Walker, Pendant by 20/20 Lisa Walker, Pendant, 2015, Pounamu (New Zealand jade), silver, thread
Sue Lorraine, Stick Insects by 20/20 Sue Lorraine, Stick Insects, 2009, heat coloured mild steel, Cuisinaire rods
Sally Marsland, Necklace by 20/20 Sally Marsland, Necklace, 2015, ebony, silver
Karl Fritsch, Ring by 20/20 Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2015, silver, niello, smoky quartz
Lucy Sarneel, Daily Offering IV by 20/20 Lucy Sarneel, Daily Offering IV, NFS, zinc, plastic, bamboo, paint, varnish, nylon, artificial raffia
Carlier Makigawa, Brooches by 20/20 Carlier Makigawa, Brooches, 2015 , silver, polyurethane foam, paint
Therese Hilbert, Brooch by 20/20 Therese Hilbert, Brooch, 2013-14, blackened silver, lacquer
Helen Britton, necklace by 20/20 Helen Britton, necklace, 2015, patinated silver, plastic
Blanche Tilden, Parallel necklace by 20/20 Blanche Tilden, Parallel necklace, 1995-2015, titanium, glass
Catherine Truman, brooches by 20/20 Catherine Truman, brooches, 2008-2009, heat formed styrene, paint, steel
Nel Linssen, Necklace by 20/20 Nel Linssen, Necklace, 2012, laminated paper