Bead the System

Manon van Kouswijk,

July 5 to 30, 2011

In her latest work, Dutch artist Manon van Kouswijk explores the idea of a strand of beads as a cycle without a clear beginning or end. Her recent book, Hanging Around / the pearlchain principle shows that the basic principle of the beaded necklace can be found in sources from peas in a pod and mathematics to Supernova 1987A, described by scientists as ‘pearls on a cosmic necklace’.

Bead the system group, 2011, porcelain

Work from Bead the System

Group by Bead the System Group, 2011, porcelain
Trophées necklaces by Bead the System Trophées necklaces, 2011, porcelain
Circles necklace by Bead the System Circles necklace, 2011, porcelain
Re:model necklaces by Bead the System Re:model necklaces, 2011, porcelain
Perles d'Artiste by Bead the System Perles d'Artiste, 2011, porcelain

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