Marc Monzó,

January 31 - February 25, 2017

Marc Monzó is a leading contemporary jeweller who recently won the 2016 Francoise van den Bosch Award, with the jurors stating "the Spanish jewellery maker is well known for his clear and intelligent jewellery designs. The jury praises his capacity to reduce jewellery to its essence, meanwhile remaining poetic, elegant and playful."

Audiences all over the world love Monzó's minimal, clean and beautifully resolved approach to jewellery and object making. His work has been shown at Funaki since 2011. This is his first solo exhibition in Australia.

MOON, 2016, silver

Work from MOON

65/30 bracelet by MOON 65/30 bracelet, 2011, silver
Big flat brooch by MOON Big flat brooch, 2003, silver, paint
Blank earrings by MOON Blank earrings, 2015, 18k gold
Echo rings by MOON Echo rings, 2014, 18k gold
Eclipse bracelet by MOON Eclipse bracelet, 2014, 18k gold
Half wedding ring set by MOON Half wedding ring set, 2016, 18k gold
Moon bracelet & object by MOON Moon bracelet & object, 2016, silver
Needles object by MOON Needles object, 2016, steel
Sun & Moon ring set by MOON Sun & Moon ring set, 2016, 18k gold, platinum
Wall brooches by MOON Wall brooches, 2013, copper, silver, steel
Wall brooch by MOON Wall brooch, 2013, copper, silver, steel

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