New Edition

April 23 to May 18, 2013

'New Edition' is a curated exhibition; an exploration of the 'multiple' or editioned piece in contemporary jewellery. Works created as multiples are often overlooked in favour of the one-off, handcrafted piece, yet they form some of the most iconic and memorable statements in contemporary jewellery's history.

This exhibition features classic and recent editioned pieces from 20 Australian and international artists:

Gijs Bakker (The Netherlands)
Renee Bevan (New Zealand)
David Bielander (Switzerland)
Susan Cohn (Australia)
Paul Derrez (The Netherlands)
Bin Dixon-Ward (Australia)
Maureen Faye-Chauhan (Australia)
Therese Hilbert (Switzerland)
Svenja John (Germany)
Jiro Kamata (Japan)
Benjamin Lignel (France)
Nel Linssen (The Netherlands)
Sue Lorraine (Australia)
Marc Monzó (Spain)
Thanh-Truc Nguyen (Germany)
Ribbonesia (Japan)
Lucy Sarneel (The Netherlands)
Lousje Skala (Australia)
Blanche Tilden (Australia)
Manon van Kouswijk (The Netherlands)

exhibition invite, 2013,

Work from New Edition

Bisou brooch by New Edition Bisou brooch, unlimited edition (since 2011), Manon van Kouswijk
Koi bracelet by New Edition Koi bracelet, unlimited edition (since 2012), David Bielander
Neon brooch by New Edition Neon brooch, unlimited edition (since 2011), Thanh-Truc Nguyen
Dutert necklace by New Edition Dutert necklace, limited edition (2012), Blanche Tilden
Shot bracelet by New Edition Shot bracelet, unlimited edition (since 1967), Gijs Bakker
Circle in circle bracelet by New Edition Circle in circle bracelet, unlimited edition (since 1967), Gijs Bakker
C bracelet by New Edition C bracelet, limited edition (since 2011), Jiro Kamata
Link bracelet by New Edition Link bracelet, limited edition (2012), Lousje Skala
Loop wearing twirls brooch by New Edition Loop wearing twirls brooch, limited edition (2012), Lucy Sarneel
White forms pendants by New Edition White forms pendants, unlimited edition (since 2011), Marc Monzó
Necklace by New Edition Necklace, unlimited edition (since 2012), laminated paper
Lighthearted pendants by New Edition Lighthearted pendants, limited edition (2013), Renee Bevan
Lion Crest brooch by New Edition Lion Crest brooch, unlimited edition (since 2012), Ribbonesia