Playing with fire

Fabrice Schaefer,

30 August - 30 September, 2023

FABRICE SCHAEFER | Playing with Fire

A collection of titanium jewellery, a metal that is malleable when heated and exhibits color variations in the presence of flames. Titanium, simultaneously noble, hard, and crystalline, harmoniously blends with the contrasting brilliance of diamonds. These two demanding materials allow me to explore infinite possibilities, including the ability to play with fire.
Fabrice Schaefer

Fabrice Schaefer graduated from the Geneva School of Applied Arts in 1996 with a diploma in jewelry and has exhibited internationally since then. His work has won several awards, including the Concours fédéral des arts appliqués (the Federal Prize for Applied Arts) in Basel (1998) and has been published widely in publications on jewellery.

Fabrice Schaefer’s work can be found in the collections of the V&A Museum, London, The International Design Museum / Die Neue Sammlung in Munich and MUDAC in Lausanne, among others.

Playing with fire, 2023, titanium, diamonds

Work from Playing with fire

Herbes Folles by Playing with fire Herbes Folles, 2023, titanium, 8 diamonds (1.54 ct)
Pur & Dur by Playing with fire Pur & Dur, 2023, titanium, 18 diamonds FG VS 1.2mm
Playing with Fire by Playing with fire Playing with Fire, 2023, titanium, 20 diamonds FG VS 1.4mm

Vénéneuse' (2 rings) by Playing with fire Vénéneuse' (2 rings), 2023, titanium, diamonds FG VS
Monts & Merveilles by Playing with fire Monts & Merveilles, 2023, titanium, 11 diamonds FG VS 0.189ct
Pur & Dur by Playing with fire Pur & Dur, 2023, titanium, 10 diamonds

Firework by Playing with fire Firework, 2023, titanium, 12 diamonds (FG VS 2.2, 1.8, 1.6mm)

Vénéneuse by Playing with fire Vénéneuse, 2023, titanium, 2 diamonds FG VS, 18k gold

Pur & Dur by Playing with fire Pur & Dur, 2023, titanium, 5 diamonds FG VS 2.2mm

Pur & Dur by Playing with fire Pur & Dur, 2022, titanium, 10 diamonds (FG VS 1.6mm)

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