August 4 to 29, 2009

In her latest jewellery, Svenja John works with her material, macrofol, four times thicker than she is used to. She has turned away from a spatial attachment system that creates volume, preferring a linear, additive method based on the principle of a chain and links.

This time, the topic of flat surfaces seems to have disappeared completely. Carefully designed structures are now the order of the day. Her pieces are accompanied by noises: when you wear one of her pieces, you become aware of gentle rattling, tinkling and clicking sounds. Strangely, although the individual, almost skeletal elements are now fixed and immobile; the item of jewellery as a whole has now become more reactive, more mercurial, more flexible.

Svenja John’s jewellery is always a seismographic statement on the here-and-now that symbolises the interdependence of systems. The world is moving closer together.

Turda necklace, 2009, hand coloured polycarbonate

Work from X-Branen

Kabake brooch by X-Branen Kabake brooch, 2007, hand coloured polycarbonate
Hanra necklace by X-Branen Hanra necklace, 2007, hand coloured polycarbonate
Turda necklace by X-Branen Turda necklace, 2009, hand coloured polycarbonate