David Bielander at MUDAC


David Bielander’s significant survey exhibition ‘Carte Blanche’ opens tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland.


“David Bielander transforms everyday objects into jewellery.  Elements such as prawns, pineapples, beetles or raspberries are immediately recognisable, yet disconcerting.  The aim of Bielander’s tromp-l’oeil is not to mystify the viewer but to set up a humourous interplay between the wearer and the jewellery itself.  He seeks out the most suitable materials and techniques with which to simulate reality, yet it is not until his pieces are worn that they come to life.”

The exhibition runs until 30 April, 2017. Go here for more information.

David Bielander, 'Cardboard Crown', 2015, gold, edition of 5, photograph by Dirk Eisel