Helen Britton at Vasse Felix


In Context, at the Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix, presents the work of represented artist Helen Britton in the context of works by some of the key artists from the early years of her development in Western Australia. These artists include Barbara Bolt, Pippin Drysdale, Nola Farman, Gill Irvine, Else van Keppel, and Phillipa O’Brien, alongside her current West Australian collaborators, Justine McKnight and Michelle Taylor. Works of David Bielander and Yutaka Minegishi – Gallery Funaki artists and Helen’s Munich studio partners for now over 13 years – will also be on show. This exhibition of over 60 works covers jewellery, fashion, textiles, painting, drawing and ceramics.

The exhibition will be opened on Sunday, 14th June, by Janet Holmes à Court. Helen Britton will be in residence from 21 September until 11 October and will give a floor talk on 3 October.