Kirsten Haydon wins at Victorian Craft Awards


Kirsten Haydon, Ice Past, Ice Cut, Ice Remnant, 2016, porcelain, silver, glass, wood, paper, steel, thread, 430x625x50mm, photograph by Kirsten Haydon

Congratulations to our artist Kirsten Haydon, who last night took home the Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award at the Victorian Craft Awards, held at the Sofitel Melbourne. Congratulations also to our artists Inari Kiuru, Lindy McSwan, Yu Fang Chi and Blanche Tilden, who were all named finalists. The Awards are Victoria’s largest biennial exhibition of craft artists, showcasing excellence and innovation across all mediums. Kirsten’s winning work was Ice Past, Ice Cut, Ice Remnant. Ice Past is a pair of contrasting necklaces. Traces and samples, Ice Cut and Ice Remnant reflect on the landscape of Antarctica and its ongoing testing and fragmenting. One constructed from silver reflecting on the sampling of water droplets, the other remnants of unique porcelain moulds. The constructed and moulded forms sample or drape and fall on the body.