Marian Hosking in ‘The flower show’ at Academy Gallery, Launceston


Marian Hosking, Brooches, 2017-19, sterling silver. Photo courtesy of the artist.

“Often a garden is a shared space, not only with loved ones, but our pets, friends and neighbours. Subsequently we have taken a broad approach to shaping this exhibition and included work from three active University research sectors. Firstly, we have drawn on objects from the University Collections in the areas of science, botany, classics, rare books and art, looking for connections between the love of, and the study of, flora. Secondly, we have invited artists to respond to the idea that flowers are one of the central concerns in art, both as symbol and as subject. Finally, The flower show – birth, death and everything in between also includes works that shed some light on this fascination we all have for flowers, gardens and the societal conveyances that lay between.”

The flower show – birth, death and everything in between is presented in partnership with Blooming Tasmania and the University Cultural Collections.

Curated by Dr. Malcolm Bywaters & Dr. Kim Lehman. Text by the curators.