MEDUSA: Jewellery and Taboos


Image: Manon van Kouswijk, Pearls for Girls, 2012, porcelain, pigment, glaze, thread, 14kt gold

A number of Funaki represented artists will have work exhibited in MEDUSA: Jewellery and Taboos, at the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art. Through a diverse selection of over 300 works, MEDUSA will explore taboos related to the jewellery object.

Funaki artists include Manon van Kouswijk, Karl Fritsch, Gijs Bakker, Helen Britton, Peter Bauhuis, David Bielander, Paul Derrez, Otto Künzli, Kiko Gianocca, Peter Hoogeboom, Lisa Walker and Warwick Freeman. For those fortunate enough to be in Paris this European summer, MEDUSA will open on May 19.