Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery acquisition


Inari Kiuru, A tree and the night's edge (left), concrete, pigment, copper, mica, glass, paint, silver, stainless steel; and The universe sees us asleep (right), concrete, pigment, charcoal, mica, glass, paint, silver, stainless steel, both 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery recently acquired works by Inari Kiuru and Blanche Tilden, from the 2017 Contemporary Wearables Award.

Blanche Tilden’s ‘Flow 03’ necklace has entered Toowoomba’s permanent holdings, along with Inari Kiuru’s concrete brooches from the ‘Night falls over Brunswick’ series (pictured). These works were featured in the Mari Funaki Award last year.