Katrin Feulner


Katrin Feulner is a German jeweller who works primarily with discarded and collected steel objects, making jewellery that dissolves its previous, resistant associations and forms new ones. She graduated from the University of Design, Pforzheim in 2015. Her work was shortlisted in the Mari Funaki Award in 2016 and 2018.


“Katrin collects iron bars and tubes of leftover pieces and scrapyard junk. Her friends help her in her passion of gathering parts of overproduction and neglected pieces. She lets her finds age in her drawers and workbench and when she considers them ready she starts to transform them into jewellery.


She allows herself plenty of time for decision-making in order to respect the character of the original, however, there can still be a forceful process of transformation involving pressing and excessive cutting of a big piece into smaller parts. She doesn’t take short- cuts and her work cannot be referred to as, “Ready made“ and doesn’t belong to the category of, “Found objects“.


Her pieces have a sculptural quality because she works with what is within the material waiting to be interpreted. She respects the effort that has been put into the smallest pieces and spares no effort to continue a process that has started long before and will be continued to conclusion by the wearer. In the end what seems to be a random, forgotten object makes absolute sense.”


Andi Gut, 2015

Relation 02.3, 2018, Found metal object, steel carbide

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15 October - 9 November, 2019

Melbourne artist Jo Scicluna and German jeweller Katrin Feulner work in different disciplines, but each makes work that concentrates at the point where two elements meet. ‘Visitors’ brings these artists as guests to Funaki for an exhibition that explores the nature of aesthetic objects, in balance and tension, across two fields of art practice.