Greetings from…

Marian Hosking,

October 29 to November 23, 2013

Marian Hosking’s recent research has taken her to familiar coastal and inland environments around Victoria and NSW. Areas in the bloom of a La Niña season and areas drying before a long, hot summer: The Grampians, Portsea, Guerilla Bay, Cape Conran, the Pink Lakes, the heathlands of Sydney, the Mallee. Places remembered from childhood holidays that Hosking invites us to see afresh through the small details we’ve forgotten.

Her familiarity with local environments has developed alongside her familiarity with jewellery processes, both honed over forty years of travelling and making. Hosking’s pieces describe fragments of a whole: we can extrapolate whole landscapes from the silvery specifics of her jewellery – they hint at ecosystems we tend to be barely aware of in the day-to-day of city life.

Through her rings, necklaces and brooches, Hosking brings these landscapes to bear on our own bodies. Somehow we are grounded by wearing them, and reminded that we too are irrevocably connected to and dependent on the same complex, fascinating and threatened system. The familiar mustn’t be taken for granted.

Katie Scott
October 2013

Crest, 2013, silver

Work from Greetings from…

Bark and linen necklace by Greetings from… Bark and linen necklace, 2013, silver, linen
Mallee Gum brooch by Greetings from… Mallee Gum brooch, 2013, silver
Double Brachychiton pendant by Greetings from… Double Brachychiton pendant, 2013, blackened silver
Hyacinth Orchid brooch by Greetings from… Hyacinth Orchid brooch, 2013, blackened silver
Coralline brooch by Greetings from… Coralline brooch, 2013, blackened silver
Corea brooch by Greetings from… Corea brooch, 2013, heat coloured silver
Periwinkle door ring by Greetings from… Periwinkle door ring, 2013, silver
Wattle vessel and brooch by Greetings from… Wattle vessel and brooch, 2013, porcelain, silver
Casuarina ring (brooch) by Greetings from… Casuarina ring (brooch), 2013, blackened silver
Crest brooch by Greetings from… Crest brooch, 2013, silver
Brooch by Greetings from… Brooch, 2013, heat coloured silver
Wood brooches by Greetings from… Wood brooches, 2013, eucalyptus, silver
Brooches by Greetings from… Brooches, 2013, porcelain, silver

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