Sue Lorraine,

29 July - 24 August, 2019

In her latest body of work, 'Measured', Sue Lorraine abandons the usual processes of a maker, where raw materials are forged into a finished product according to a preconceived plan. Instead, she allows her materials to lead her to a set of outcomes that she could not always have predicted and which obey a kind of wayward logic of their own.

Sue’s meticulous and subtle interventions shift her found objects away from their original life of functional measurement and redirect our thoughts to the immersive temporal space of making. Because they disrupt our expectations, we attempt to remake them in our minds by noticing every detail about them. And in the time that we spend contemplating these things we recognise, coiled within these dream-like objects, Sue’s time of slowed-down thinking and doing, of speculation and creative reverie.

Anne Brennan (extract from upcoming essay)

Longer than expected #1 & #2, 2019, Kent Triscale Rulers no. 402

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