Sue Lorraine

Australia, b.1955

Sue Lorraine is an Adelaide based artist who has established an artistic practice spanning over 30 years. Completing a Diploma of Art and Design at PIT (now Latrobe University) in 1979, Lorraine has gone on to exhibit both locally and internationally. She established the renowned Gray Street Workshop with Catherine Truman and Anne Brennan in the early 1980s and continues to work alongside Catherine Truman and Jess Dare as a principal tenant of the organisation.


She was the Creative Director of the Metal Design Studio at the Jam Factory, Adelaide from 1999 to 2008 and is now an Arts Development Officer at Arts South Australia. Working predominately with blackened mild steel, Lorraine focuses on the natural environment through the notion of the museum specimen and the ways in which nature is ordered and curated in this particular context. Her recent work (Precisely, 2017; Measured, 2019) explores the ambiguous and idiosyncratic ways we measure and account for time, experience and things.


“Sue’s meticulous and subtle interventions shift her found objects away from their original life of functional measurement and redirect our thoughts to the immersive temporal space of making. Because they disrupt our expectations, we attempt to remake them in our minds by noticing every detail about them. And in the time that we spend contemplating these things we recognise, coiled within these dream-like objects, Sue’s time of slowed-down thinking and doing, of speculation and creative reverie.” Anne Brennan

Night pearls, 2019, heat coloured mild steel, luminous powder in thermoplastic

More work by Sue Lorraine

Night pearls by Sue Lorraine Night pearls , 2019, heat coloured mild steel, luminous powder in thermoplastic ,
Button brooches by Sue Lorraine Button brooches , 2006, heat coloured mild steel ,
Precisely by Sue Lorraine Precisely , 2017, wood, steel, drawing ,
The shape of things to come by Sue Lorraine The shape of things to come , 2019, heat coloured mild steel, luminous powder in thermoplastic ,
Beetle brooches by Sue Lorraine Beetle brooches , 2012, mild steel, LP vinyl ,
Longer than expected by Sue Lorraine Longer than expected , 2019, Kent Tricale rulers no. 402 ,
Dragonfly brooch by Sue Lorraine Dragonfly brooch , 2013, clutch pencil, mild steel ,
iButterfly brooch by Sue Lorraine iButterfly brooch , 2013, plastic iPhone 3 cover, mild steel ,
Firefly pendants by Sue Lorraine Firefly pendants , 2012, mild steel, glow in the dark pigment, epoxy ,
Mother (after LB) by Sue Lorraine Mother (after LB) , 2019, carpenters’ rulers, heat coloured mild steel, brass ,
Poised and Leaning towards the left/right by Sue Lorraine Poised and Leaning towards the left/right , 2019, sprung & mild steel, dividers, plastic tube, refurbished spirit level, mild steel ,
Trees by Sue Lorraine Trees , 2015, Cuisinaire rods, found bases ,



30 July - 24 August, 2019

Sue Lorraine has been playing with materials, techniques, ideas and concepts to tease out the space between the quantifiable and the abstract and build a collection of found, altered and fabricated wearable and non-wearable objects.


October 6 - 31, 2015

Gallery Funaki celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exhibition by some of our longest-standing artists.

New Edition

April 23 to May 18, 2013

To launch Gallery Funaki’s new interior, we’re pleased to present New Edition; a curated exhibition that explores the multiple/edition in contemporary jewellery.