Julie Blyfield

Australia, b. 1957

Julie Blyfield is a South Australian artist renowned for her work inspired by collected botanical specimens and forms. Using the traditional metalsmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé, Blyfield creates intricately textured pieces, which capture the essence of the Australian natural landscape.  Blyfield initially studied teaching before going on to study Jewellery making and silversmithing at the South Australian College of the Arts and Education. She has since established a highly respected career, spanning over 20 years, which has encompassed teaching and mentoring alongside her artistic practice.  Blyfield exhibits her work internationally and has pieces in the permanent collections of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

“My jewellery and vessel work is inspired by collections of botanical specimens and historic collections of embroidery which include floral motifs in their design. I see my work as an extension of the 19th century Australian gold and silversmithing tradition in which our natural history became the subject of elaborate tableware and jewellery. ”

Julie Blyfield

Black Pea necklace, 2016, blackened sterling silver, gold plated silver, steel cable

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More work by Julie Blyfield

Brooches by Julie Blyfield Brooches , 2012, sterling silver ,
Brooches by Julie Blyfield Brooches , 2012, sterling silver, blackened silver ,
Render brooch by Julie Blyfield Render brooch , 2016, copper/silver bi-metal, enamel paint, wax ,
Leaf and pearl shell necklace by Julie Blyfield Leaf and pearl shell necklace , 2012, sterling silver, pearl shell ,
Pressed Desert Plant brooches by Julie Blyfield Pressed Desert Plant brooches , 2009, blackened silver, paint, wax ,
Engraved leaf & petal brooches by Julie Blyfield Engraved leaf & petal brooches , unlimited edition since 1998, sterling silver, blackened, gold plated ,
Remnant & Relic earrings by Julie Blyfield Remnant & Relic earrings , unlimited edition, sterling silver, gold plated silver ,
Gumleaf rings by Julie Blyfield Gumleaf rings , 2016, silver, bi-metal silver & 22k gold, paint, wax ,
Rockface brooches by Julie Blyfield Rockface brooches , 2016, sterling silver ,
Yellow Spiral Shell brooch by Julie Blyfield Yellow Spiral Shell brooch , 2014, blackened silver, enamel paint, wax ,
Render brooches by Julie Blyfield Render brooches , 2016, silver, bi-metal silver & 22k gold, paint, wax ,
Bellweed necklace & Tangled Kelp necklace by Julie Blyfield Bellweed necklace & Tangled Kelp necklace , 2010, blackened silver ,


Second Nature

February 5 to March 2, 2013

second nature, n.
An acquired behavior or trait that is so long practiced as to seem innate.




October 6 - 31, 2015

Gallery Funaki celebrates its 20th anniversary with an exhibition by some of our longest-standing artists.


October 10 - November 4, 2017

In an inspired contemporary interpretation of Ormolu, silversmith Julie Blyfield and ceramicist Kirsten Coelho have collaborated to create a suite of porcelain containers with intricate silver lids and an accompanying collection of jewellery.