David Bielander,

1-26 April, 2014

David Bielander returns to Melbourne for a new exhibition, following on from his career-high exhibition, ‘Demiurge’ at the Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem. Bielander’s jewellery and objects are famous for their keenly observed wit and technical virtuosity, as he interprets natural and man-made forms in a particularly idiosyncratic, unexpected and brilliant way.

Moth, 2013, steel (disposable lighter hood, gold)

Work from Escapade

Koi by Escapade Koi, 2014, drawing pins, leather, silver
Hedgehog by Escapade Hedgehog, 2008, 18k gold
Garlic by Escapade Garlic, 2009, sterling silver
Raspberries by Escapade Raspberries, 2014, plastic tube, patinated silver
Moths and Bats by Escapade Moths and Bats, 2013, steel (disposable lighter hoods), gold
Hannibal (baby) by Escapade Hannibal (baby), 2013, aluminium (teapot from North Africa)
Blackberries by Escapade Blackberries, 2014, plastic tube, patinated silver
Corncob by Escapade Corncob, 2008, brass split pins, silver
Slug (salt cellars) by Escapade Slug (salt cellars), 2013, patinated silver, gold plate
Mamba by Escapade Mamba, 2012, titanium, gold

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