Helen Britton

Australia - Germany, b. 1966

Helen Britton is an Australian artist who lives and works in Munich, where she has developed a formidable reputation as one of the world’s most noted jewellers. Her work is informed by her experience of the vast and layered history reflected in the built environment, as she meticulously constructs pieces using precious metals, glass, stones and occasional collected components.  As well, Helen’s work is a meditation on her own history as she engages with artefacts that act as powerful triggers to memory and association.

After completing her MFA by research at Curtin University in Western Australia, she studied under professor Otto Künzli at the Academy of Fine Art, Munich, as part of a post-graduate study project.  In 2002 she established her own studio in Munich working alongside Yutaka Minegishi and David Bielander. Her work continues to be exhibited internationally and is kept in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Drop Bones bracelet, 2014, silver, paint

More work by Helen Britton

Necklace by Helen Britton Necklace, 2013, silver, plastic
Brooch by Helen Britton Brooch, 2014, silver, paint
Ring (solid shape series) by Helen Britton Ring (solid shape series), 2012, silver, Canadian black-spot diamonds
Ring (solid shape series) by Helen Britton Ring (solid shape series), 2012, silver, Canadian black-spot diamonds, Argyle diamonds, marquisite
Rings by Helen Britton Rings, 2011, silver, gold, diamonds
Ring by Helen Britton Ring, 2011, gold, silver, Australian diamonds
Awkward Beauty (earrings and ring) by Helen Britton Awkward Beauty (earrings and ring), 2010, silver, Argyle diamonds
Necklaces by Helen Britton Necklaces, 2014, silver, gold solder
Snake Knives brooch by Helen Britton Snake Knives brooch, 2014, silver, paint, glass
Earrings by Helen Britton Earrings, 2011, silver, garnets
Brooches by Helen Britton Brooches, 2013, silver, diamonds, vintage plastics
Bracelet and brooch by Helen Britton Bracelet and brooch, 2013, silver, paint
Brooch  by Helen Britton Brooch , 2011, silver, paint, plastic
Necklaces by Helen Britton Necklaces, 2013, silver, plastic
Rings by Helen Britton Rings, 2013, silver, glass, diamonds
Brooch by Helen Britton Brooch, 2011, silver, paint
Rings by Helen Britton Rings, 2014, silver, gold, diamonds



November 8 to December 3, 2011

“Steel bridges, steel lines in the snow, construction site grey dust, an assemblage of materials that will be ordered and built back into the cold, greasy grey.”


Pairs of Pieces

May 20 to June 14, 2014

“When I’m making my work, although I rarely have a clear idea of the end result, I am in pursuit of a fleeting vision that I chase along until the pieces start to materialize on my worktable.”

Surprising Worlds

2002 Helen Britton and Doris Betz hold their first exhibition at Gallery Funaki. Download PDF