Kiko Gianocca

Switzerland, b.1974

Swiss born artist Kiko Gianocca completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Art Institute CFP, Florence, Italy in 1999, going on to study at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. In 2003 he completed his Masters in Fine Art at RMIT University, Melbourne and now lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland. Gianocca’s work has been exhibited internationally since 2003, appearing in significant shows Colin & Cicely Rigg Contemporary Design Award in Melbourne, Schmuck in Munich and 2012’s Unexpected Pleasures at the NGV, Melbourne and The London Design Museum. Gianocca explores materiality and form using a wide range of media such as porcelain, resin, felt and precious metals.

“To create objects is exploring what is around me and effect me. To manipulate materials and to develop new forms is a sort of documentation. In the making, conscious and unconscious meet and the resulting objects become the refuge of thoughts, memories, joy and fears.”

Kiko Gianocca, 2007

Veneer necklace, 2016, wood veneer, balsawood, brass, silver

More work by Kiko Gianocca

Veneer necklace by Kiko Gianocca Veneer necklace, 2016, wood veneer, balsawood, brass, silver
The Elephant on Mars rings by Kiko Gianocca The Elephant on Mars rings, 2016, silver, gold
Skull earrings by Kiko Gianocca Skull earrings, 2007, porcelain
Onward Backward earrings by Kiko Gianocca Onward Backward earrings, 2016, nitinol
Anchor pendant & object by Kiko Gianocca Anchor pendant & object, 2010, glass, 18k gold, zirconia
Butterfly earrings by Kiko Gianocca Butterfly earrings, 2007, blackened silver, resin, silver
Pendant by Kiko Gianocca Pendant, 2007, silver, resin, nylon
Pendant by Kiko Gianocca Pendant, 2007, silver, resin, nylon
Group of works by Kiko Gianocca Group of works, 2007, various materials
Brooch by Kiko Gianocca Brooch, 2010, silver, resin, photo transfer
To hold (pendants) by Kiko Gianocca To hold (pendants), 2010, wood, silver plated
The Departure  by Kiko Gianocca The Departure , 2012, silver, resin, photo transfer, forex


On Second Thoughts

September 25 to October 20, 2012

The jewellery of Kiko Gianocca (Switzerland) and Marc Monzó (Spain) is born of a need to make sense of the temporality, connectedness and the personal.

To Hold and Be Held

April 20 to May 15, 2010

“I found a curious object in Lisbon at the fleamarket, I paid one euro for it and I still don‘t know what it is.”


May 31 - July 2, 2016

Kiko Gianocca’s fourth solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki is titled Pareidolia, which refers to the human trait of perceiving in an object or sound a pattern or meaning that doesn’t actually exist.