Marc Monzó

Spain, b.1973

Marc Monzó lives and works in Spain. He studied jewellery, engraving and sculpture at the Massana School in Barcelona and has had his work represented and shown internationally since 1997. Working directly with materials such as gold, silver, steel and plastics, he explores a fascination with everyday objects and their interconnecting relationships. His most recent exhibitions with Gallery Funaki have included 2013’s New Edition and his joint 2012 show with Kiko Gianocca, On Second Thoughts.

“The craft provides a base. Jewels are the tool, the larger project lies in the attempt to understand. Pieces appear according to the most immediate needs, which turn the manipulated matter into a map of reality.”

Marc Monzó

Big solitaire (brooch), 2006, silver, zircon

More work by Marc Monzó

Wall brooches by Marc Monzó Wall brooches, 2013, copper, silver, steel
Blank earrings by Marc Monzó Blank earrings, 2015, 18k gold
65/30 bracelet by Marc Monzó 65/30 bracelet, ongoing edition, sterling silver
Eclipse bracelet by Marc Monzó Eclipse bracelet, ongoing edition, 18k gold
Infinity earrings by Marc Monzó Infinity earrings, ongoing edition, silver, paint
Sun and Moon ring set by Marc Monzó Sun and Moon ring set, ongoing edition, 18k gold, platinum
Half wedding ring set by Marc Monzó Half wedding ring set, ongoing edition, 18k gold
Sun pendants by Marc Monzó Sun pendants, ongoing edition, 18k gold
1 point earrings by Marc Monzó 1 point earrings, ongoing edition, blackened silver / plain silver / 18k gold
Globe brooch by Marc Monzó Globe brooch, 2012, brass, nickel
Flat ring by Marc Monzó Flat ring, ongoing edition, sterling silver
Moon bracelet by Marc Monzó Moon bracelet, ongoing edition, sterling silver
Hoops bracelet by Marc Monzó Hoops bracelet, ongoing edition, plastic, sterling silver
Flat brooch by Marc Monzó Flat brooch, ongoing edition, silver, paint
Pink line rings by Marc Monzó Pink line rings, ongoing edition , 18k rose gold, diamonds
X earrings by Marc Monzó X earrings, ongoing edition , 18k gold or white gold
Hook earrings by Marc Monzó Hook earrings, ongoing edition, 18k gold
Star earrings by Marc Monzó Star earrings, ongoing edition , 18k gold, diamonds
1mm earrings by Marc Monzó 1mm earrings, ongoing edition, 18k gold
1mm rings by Marc Monzó 1mm rings, ongoing edition , 18k gold
1mm earrings (6 tips) by Marc Monzó 1mm earrings (6 tips), ongoing edition, 18k gold
1mm earrings (8 tips) by Marc Monzó 1mm earrings (8 tips), ongoing edition, 18k gold
Cabin bracelet by Marc Monzó Cabin bracelet, 2014, silver, steel perclorurum
Camp fire brooch by Marc Monzó Camp fire brooch, 2014, silver, steel perclorurum
Black star brooch by Marc Monzó Black star brooch, 2006-7, silver, steel perclorurum


On Second Thoughts

September 25 to October 20, 2012

The jewellery of Kiko Gianocca (Switzerland) and Marc Monzó (Spain) is born of a need to make sense of the temporality, connectedness and the personal.


January 31 - February 25, 2017

MOON brings the work of renowned Spanish artist Marc Monzó to Australia.