Jiro Kamata

Japan-Germany, b. 1978

Jiro Kamata is a Japanese born artist who lives and works in Munich, Germany. Training under Otto Künzli at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, from 2000-2006, Kamata has since developed a practice in which he applies highly developed goldsmithing techniques to non-traditional materials.  His unique practice, which utilises eyeglasses and camera lenses has seen him exhibit internationally since 1999 and become an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. He was featured in Gallery Funaki in 2013’s New Edition.  His first Australian solo show, dark to light to dark, opens on June 30.

BI pendants, 2013, dichroic mirror, silver

More work by Jiro Kamata

Bi necklace by Jiro Kamata Bi necklace, 2014, dichroic mirror, silver
Bi brooch by Jiro Kamata Bi brooch, 2013, dichroic mirror, foil, silver
Palette brooches by Jiro Kamata Palette brooches, 2015, dichroic mirror, corian, silver, steel
Spiegel necklace by Jiro Kamata Spiegel necklace, 2012, camera lenses, silver, mirror
Spiegel pendant by Jiro Kamata Spiegel pendant, 2012, camera lenses, silver, mirror
Spiegel brooch by Jiro Kamata Spiegel brooch, 2012, camera lens, silver, mirror, paint
Spiegel pendants by Jiro Kamata Spiegel pendants, 2011-2013, camera lenses, silver
Sunny rings by Jiro Kamata Sunny rings, 2005, sunglasses, 18k gold
Momentopia brooch by Jiro Kamata Momentopia brooch, 2008, camera lens, lacquer, silver
Shady pendant by Jiro Kamata Shady pendant, 2006, sunglasses, silver, nylon
Sunny pendant by Jiro Kamata Sunny pendant, 2005, laser engraved sunglass lenses, silver
Sunny ring by Jiro Kamata Sunny ring, 2005, sunglass lenses, 18k gold
Ring by Jiro Kamata Ring, 2000, tesa tape, kisses with lipstick, gold plated silver


New Edition

April 23 to May 18, 2013

To launch Gallery Funaki’s new interior, we’re pleased to present New Edition; a curated exhibition that explores the multiple/edition in contemporary jewellery.

dark to light to dark

30 June - 1 August 2015

Gallery Funaki presents the work of Japanese artist Jiro Kamata, in dark to light to dark; his first Australian solo exhibition.