Otto Künzli

Switzerland-Germany, b.1948

Otto Künzli is one of the most renowned and respected jewellers working today. The Swiss-trained, Munich-based artist has created truly iconic examples of contemporary jewellery including 1995’s 1cm of Love and 1980’s Gold Macht Blind (Gold Makes You Blind). Künzli’s minimalist, yet meticulously crafted work references cultural phenomena, utilising the power of metaphor and iconography with wit and sophistication.  In addition to his highly respected artistic practice, Künzli has an accomplished academic career spanning over twenty years.  As director of the Jewellery department at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich from 1991 to 2014, he taught a number of prominent contemporary jewellers including Lisa Walker, Karl Fritsch and Helen Britton.  In March 2013 his major retrospective titled The Exhibition showcased his extensive ouerve and was accompanied by The Book, a comprehensive catalogue documenting a career spanning over 40 years.

Gold makes you blind, since 1980, rubber, gold

More work by Otto Künzli

Good news from the Islands by Otto Künzli Good news from the Islands, since 2005, silver 50 dollar coin (Cayman Islands, 1985), silk
1 metre of love (object) by Otto Künzli 1 metre of love (object), 1995, 22k gold
Centimetres of love by Otto Künzli Centimetres of love, since 1989, 22k gold
Gold makes you blind by Otto Künzli Gold makes you blind, 1980 - present, rubber, gold
Love pendant by Otto Künzli Love pendant, 2005, fused gold & blackened silver
Spindel pendant by Otto Künzli Spindel pendant, 2007, stainless steel
Fox by Otto Künzli Fox, 2010, MDF, alkyl linoleum paint
Moon by Otto Künzli Moon, 2011, MDF, alkyl linoleum paint
Chasch-mer pendant by Otto Künzli Chasch-mer pendant, 2011, MDF, alkyl linoleum paint
Who nose? (interaction/performance) by Otto Künzli Who nose? (interaction/performance), 2001, cards
Undated (probably pendants)  by Otto Künzli Undated (probably pendants) , 1993, raku clay
Oh, say! (brooch) by Otto Künzli Oh, say! (brooch), 1991, gold
Ring for two people by Otto Künzli Ring for two people, 1980, stainless steel


Leonids and Fumerols

October 5 to 30, 2010

You stand upon the earth; formed of the same stuff, rooted to your source by the forces that wed your weight with its. Yet look up to the sky: there too, your matter is spangled and scattered.